what is Brushed Finish Aluminium Composite Panel

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 what is Brushed Finish Aluminium Composite Panel

Brushed Finish Aluminium Composite Panel
Brushed Finish Aluminium Composite Panel

The surface of the aluminium composite panel undergoes brush treatment, and comes with the protective coating that can be removed. The back of the panel adopts corrosion-resisting aluminium. Our brush aluminum composite panel is used increasingly in interior decoration, kitchen, household appliance and furniture etc. Custom-design is also available.
Specification of Brushed Finish Aluminium Composite Panel

Panel thickness 3mm,4mm.5mm,6mm
Panel width 1000mm,1220mm
Panel length 2440mm-5800mm,or per customer’s request
Alu skin thickness 0.21mm,0.30mm,0.40mm,0.50mm
Standard size 1220(W) ×2440(L)mm
core Normal PE core

The brush finished aluminum composite panel has advantages like simple cleaning, easy maintenance, elegancy and magnificence, good flexibility, easy processing and fabricating performance, easy installation, light weight, high strength, extreme rigidity, superior impact resistance, excellent surface flatness and smoothness, good heat insulation, sound insulation, acid-resistance, alkali-resistance, good weatherproofing and non-resonance, various uniform colors, and more.
Interior wall, low building cladding, shop face decoration, billboards, signboards, ceiling, eaves, balconies, kitchen, bathroom , galleries, partitions interior decorations, tunnels, subway interiors and other industrial usage